The Latest from Tapstream: Word Of Mouth


Everyone wants their app to go “viral”. They want it shared and talked about. We at Tapstream are in a unique position to help this process along.

Encouraging users to share app through social media can be a slog – people dislike recommending apps in public forums like their Facebook wall, spamming many friends to reach the few that might care about it. And even worse, these shares are very ineffective, as people develop a type of blindness for recommendations and likes.

But our data told us that one type of social sharing is very effective: messaging.

Text messages (be it SMS or iMessage) have open rates of over 90%. They’re fiercely personal. What if your users could spread the word to a few friends via a text message, and get a reward for every install?

And what if you could measure exactly how effective those shares are in terms of click-to-install rates, engagement of new users or even the average revenue per new user?

Tapstream’s Word of Mouth solves all these problems.

It makes it super-easy to reward your users for sharing the app with their friends. You have the full control of WoM campaigns, without touching the code. What’s even better, you get truly engaged new users willing to give your app a fair shot. And the potential is really big – every app user has at least a few friends who share their taste in apps.

And don’t take our word for it. Some of the biggest apps are putting it to good use:

“Fitocracy is a social fitness app with a happy and loyal user base. We’ve built this community through user referrals and it’s been crucial to our growth,” said Vik Panda, Chief Marketing Officer at Fitocracy. “Now with Tapstream’s Word of Mouth, we will be able to easily reward users when they get their friends to join and measure results to improve our mobile marketing campaigns.”

You don’t have to be a Tapstream Attribution customer to use Word of Mouth. If you’re with another attribution provider it still works beautifully.

So check out our new Word of Mouth and see the results for yourself.