Tapstream Attribution Goes Free, Onboarding Links Landed


Today’s a big day at Tapstream, two things:

Firstly, starting today Tapstream will never charge you for attribution again. We feel attribution is just the start of a good marketing plan and it shouldn’t stand in the way of your actual goal: earning more from your apps. Whether you’re advertising on ad networks, using Tapstream on your website or for social marketing, you no longer have to pay for attribution.

Attribution is a commodity and we’re setting it free. Tapstream is now the first independent, enterprise level mobile analytics platform with completely free mobile attribution. Yes, that means all ad-clicks, device-aware shortlinks, postbacks, in-app, LTV events and reporting are now free! Pay only if you need to go beyond our dashboard, like using our APIs.

And the free Tapstream attribution now automatically syncs with new App Analytics from Apple. See your Tapstream campaigns in iTunes Connect and get data we could never show you before, like how many page views a campaign gets on the App Store.

But what we’re really excited about today is the launch of Onboarding Links. It is the evolution of Deferred Deep Links we launched in January, expanded and improved to effectively onboard your new users.


A constant cry we hear from our customers (apart from the one above) is that they struggle to keep their app abandonment rate low. It’s one thing to have an expensive marketing campaign, but if 80% of those users run the app only once then you have a problem.

Onboarding Links is focused on solving this: shrinking app abandonment rates and increasing engagement of new users.

Imagine if your app knew a tiny bit about where the new user came from. Maybe what ad they clicked on or which page of your site they were on before they installed the app.

Onboarding Links makes this possible. Skip the boring default onboarding process and engage users right from the start:

  • If they clicked on an ad for hotels in Paris, show them a listing of Parisian hotels for the dates they were interested in – skip the search.
  • If they came from your site looking at bacon-inspired recipes, hit them with the best bacon-anza as soon as they start the app.
  • If they came from Twitter after seeing a shared photo, show them that same photo on first run. That’s what they want.

The possibilities are endless and hold the key in retaining the new users you work so hard to acquire. Onboarding Links allows you to have landing pages inside your app to intelligently respond to whatever marketing you do.

To find out more see our coverage in VentureBeat today.