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How to kill it on social media in 20 minutes per day

This is the sixth post in the “12 Weeks of Christmas” series. Content marketing isn’t just about making stuff and sharing it, it’s about sharing it the smart way. Giving your audience useful information is goal # 1. It’s an organic way of increasing your exposure, familiarity and likability, that will end up driving leads […]

Find Your Web Audience

Image by Whereswaldo.com This is the fourth post in the “12 Weeks of Christmas” series. Most app developers focus on App Store discovery to bring them users, or by advertising on mobile ad networks. If you’re one of those developers we have good news for you: mobile web use this year exceeds desktop web use for […]

Planning and Testing for Your Marketing Push

photo by the U.S. Army This is the second post in the “12 Weeks of Christmas” series. First things first: if you have not done paid marketing before spend a few minutes considering how much you can afford to spend, and on what marketing channels. Try to stay away from non-measurable (i.e. brand-building) marketing efforts unless […]

12 Weeks of Christmas

A Practical Week-by-Week Guide to App Marketing  Christmas is coming, you can almost feel it. No? Well as an app developer you should. Christmas is the single biggest sales season for apps, and having great sales during the holidays sets you up to have a much better year afterwards.To help you get ready, each week […]

30 Tools For Mobile Developer Teams

A quickie, but a goodie for your dev team – Ooomf’s Mobile Developers Toolbox From visual design and prototyping to API integrations, landing pages and form builders you’ll definitely find something in the toolbox to inspire your latest UI design and assist with your development process. Scroll over to the left hand side of the web page […]