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Acompli: From Zero to $200M in Just Over a Year

Last month the breakout mobile email client Acompli was acquired by Microsoft for $200M. Undoubtedly, their success is partially related to the app’s popularity: in just over a year the app has gained tremendous traction with users. So how did Acompli plan and execute their growth? One of the tools they turned to was Tapstream. […]

The Latest from Tapstream: Word Of Mouth

Everyone wants their app to go “viral”. They want it shared and talked about. We at Tapstream are in a unique position to help this process along. Encouraging users to share app through social media can be a slog – people dislike recommending apps in public forums like their Facebook wall, spamming many friends to […]

Making Apps? Here’s What You Need to Know

There’s no question that the smartphone has altered the communications landscape for ever. We now carry more computing power in our pockets than what guided the Apollo 11 to safely land on the moon. Before the iStore there was no such thing as the app economy. The app economy has created new jobs, and new […]

5 Tools Every App Marketer Should Use

Marketing is fast becoming as much science as it is art. Marketing as a speciality has only been around since the late 19th century. The word traces back to around 1884 according to the Old English Dictionary. We have “snake oil salesman”, Mad Men, and the book “Story Wars”, largely because of the art of […]

Tapstream Gets a Facelift

Today we’re pushing out the new Tapstream experience. We’ve completely overhauled our dashboard user experience with a single focus: to help you make more money from your apps. Every table and graph has been redesigned with that goal in mind. You will now see cohort information throughout our interface and totals for LTV (Lifetime Value) […]

Getting Users by Becoming More Social

Getting found is your biggest challenge. Getting your app found without breaking the user acquisition bank is still a huge quandary. Buying users from ad networks is getting more and more expensive. According to SuperData research “in the past two years, the cost per install on mobile increased from $1.30 in January, 2012, to $4.36 […]

How To Create Video Trailers for Mobile Games

Guest post by Sylvain Gauchet There’s been lots of talk about mobile game trailers since Clumsy Ninja was featured with a trailer on the app store. Some see being able to put a video on their app store page as a blessing. It can also be argued that this might just widen the gap between […]

How Brands Can Use Deferred Deep Links To Convert Mobile Web Visitors to App Users

“64% of wealthy consumers favor brands that offer mobile applications over those that do not. Furthermore, 71% believed that they are better connected to the brands after downloading their mobile applications.“ – Plastic Mobile and Luxury Institute With more large brands favoring native applications over mobile web, the question becomes how to ensure a smooth […]