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Optimize In-App Sharing To Get More Users For Your App

We’d all love to be the creators of the next Flappy Bird but for most developers, that kind explosive growth is improbable. Instead, developers must optimize marketing to get the most from a limited set of resources. Thanks to Tapstream’s new Deferred Deep Links, one area ripe with opportunity is in-app sharing. Here we’ll take […]

How To Create Video Trailers for Mobile Games

Guest post by Sylvain Gauchet There’s been lots of talk about mobile game trailers since Clumsy Ninja was featured with a trailer on the app store. Some see being able to put a video on their app store page as a blessing. It can also be argued that this might just widen the gap between […]

The Anti-Science of User Acquisition

Guest post by Lauren Feldman (not pictured) In today’s saturated mobile market, we are forced to spend more time and more money on user acquisition (UA). Even if you have a great app or game, acquiring users can be daunting. I’ve had my moments (good and bad) attempting to acquire the right users. Below I’ve […]

The Ultimate IDFA/IFA Explainer

If you’re a Tapstream customer, skip to the bottom for the relevant bits (*spoiler alert*: not much has changed for you. You do not need to make any changes to any published version of your apps. Apps that have already been approved do not need to be modified or resubmitted). A quick recap: Apple has […]

Update on Apple’s IDFA Crack Down

UPDATED Feb 15 2014 A few days ago we wrote about Apple rejecting apps that show no ads but still collect the IDFA, counter to clause 3.3.12 of developer license. Unfortunately for those getting their apps rejected, they’re often not aware that they’re collecting the IDFA. Many third-party SDKs collect the IDFA as a matter […]

Apple Rejecting Apps For Not Showing Ads

Note: Update posted, with the latest information on affected SDKs. A spate of rejections greeted app developers Friday as Apple started to enforce an oft-overlooked clause in their developer license for apps. The clause affects apps that retrieve the user’s IDFA (Identifier for Advertiser) but show no ads inside the app. The clause states: 3.3.12: “You […]

How Brands Can Use Deferred Deep Links To Convert Mobile Web Visitors to App Users

“64% of wealthy consumers favor brands that offer mobile applications over those that do not. Furthermore, 71% believed that they are better connected to the brands after downloading their mobile applications.“ – Plastic Mobile and Luxury Institute With more large brands favoring native applications over mobile web, the question becomes how to ensure a smooth […]

How to Use Deferred Deep Links with New User Registration and App On-boarding

Last week we announced our new Deferred Deep Linking solution opening up a wide variety of new opportunities for app publishers to practice intent-based user acquisition. As Sarah Perez from TechCrunch wrote: “Deferred Deep Links, […] will effectively create landing pages inside mobile apps, which advertisers can wait to redirect users to until after the […]

How We Built Deferred Deep Links

Update: We have just released the second generation of our Deferred Deep Linking technology – called Onboarding Links. Mobile marketers can now do more to engage and retain new users than ever before. Read more about the industry’s most powerful deferred deep linking platform. Yesterday, Tapstream announced something new for the world of mobile deep links: […]