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100% Tracking Accuracy on iOS 9

Whenever we’re asked how install tracking works, the first distinction that needs to be made is whether we’re talking about install tracking / attribution for paid media campaigns vs. other organic forms of app promotion (email, social, etc.). In the case of the former, Tapstream is typically able to collect a unique device identifier (IDFA, GAID) […]

Acompli: From Zero to $200M in Just Over a Year

Last month the breakout mobile email client Acompli was acquired by Microsoft for $200M. Undoubtedly, their success is partially related to the app’s popularity: in just over a year the app has gained tremendous traction with users. So how did Acompli plan and execute their growth? One of the tools they turned to was Tapstream. […]

Tracking app downloads on AdWords

Even though AdWords remains one of the most important channels for app marketers, populating the AdWords dashboard with performance data for your campaigns is challenging. From an app marketer’s perspective, AdWords traffic can be divided in to two types: traffic that promotes your app from within other apps (i.e., the AdMob network), and traffic that […]

Whaling on the mobile web

“It is not down on any map; true places never are.” ― Herman Melville, Moby-Dick Herman Melville’s story “Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life” sold 16,320 copies in his lifetime. “Moby-Dick,” 3,715. Everyday creative brilliance goes unnoticed. Artists go through their lives unfulfilled. Audiences go unsatisfied because most creators don’t know how to find them. […]

More Of Tapstream To Love

Today we’re expanding the reach of our platform further than ever. For the first time your campaign data will automatically sync with the freshly released iTunes Connect App Analytics, just in time for iOS 8 release. This is an industry first, and will make both your Tapstream dashboard and the new iTC App Analytics a […]

Mobile App Growth Tool For Websites

Tapstream is the only mobile analytics company that tracks mobile web visitors as they move into the app. With our tracking, mobile developers can see how many of their mobile web visitors end up installing and engaging with the app. Today, Tapstream’s website tracking is getting a substantial upgrade. Now, our customers can see not […]