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Why Has Google Broken Deeplinking on Android?

As close observers of mobile platforms have noticed, the latest Chrome build has seriously degraded the functionality of deeplinks on Android. The Intent URLs  can no longer be triggered from on-page JavaScript, causing all sorts of problems for app marketers. The impact to Android users is significant: Apps that utilize deeplinks will not launch Apps […]

Live View Into Your Data

One of Tapstream’s core strengths is our ability to process our firehose of data in real-time. But this can make troubleshooting tricky – with so much data, it’s tough to pick out and analyze a particular session or data point during your integration or deployment phase. That’s why we launched a complete overhaul of our […]

More Of Tapstream To Love

Today we’re expanding the reach of our platform further than ever. For the first time your campaign data will automatically sync with the freshly released iTunes Connect App Analytics, just in time for iOS 8 release. This is an industry first, and will make both your Tapstream dashboard and the new iTC App Analytics a […]

The Latest from Tapstream: Word Of Mouth

Everyone wants their app to go “viral”. They want it shared and talked about. We at Tapstream are in a unique position to help this process along. Encouraging users to share app through social media can be a slog – people dislike recommending apps in public forums like their Facebook wall, spamming many friends to […]

Tapstream Gets a Facelift

Today we’re pushing out the new Tapstream experience. We’ve completely overhauled our dashboard user experience with a single focus: to help you make more money from your apps. Every table and graph has been redesigned with that goal in mind. You will now see cohort information throughout our interface and totals for LTV (Lifetime Value) […]

Tapstream’s Beautiful New Experience

This month we’re introducing something big we’ve been working on at the product team: a redesigned dashboard, built from the ground up to help you make more money. Tapstream’s data volume has increased by 10x in the past 6 months. We’ve focused on scaling the service and maintaining our industry-leading link and API uptime (99.9995% […]

Bubble Over Barcelona with Tapstream

Mobile World Congress is almost upon us and we’re giving away a pass to the hottest party in town: Bubble Over Barcelona on Monday night. You will be treated to a great venue, great drinks and even watch a mini TechCrunch pitch off. This is a small and exclusive event but as a sponsor we’d […]