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100% Tracking Accuracy on iOS 9

Whenever we’re asked how install tracking works, the first distinction that needs to be made is whether we’re talking about install tracking / attribution for paid media campaigns vs. other organic forms of app promotion (email, social, etc.). In the case of the former, Tapstream is typically able to collect a unique device identifier (IDFA, GAID) […]

30 Tools For Mobile Developer Teams

A quickie, but a goodie for your dev team – Ooomf’s Mobile Developers Toolbox From visual design and prototyping to API integrations, landing pages and form builders you’ll definitely find something in the toolbox to inspire your latest UI design and assist with your development process. Scroll over to the left hand side of the web page […]

Extending Google Analytics Into Your iOS/Android App

In Oct 2011, Google Analytics launched Visitors Flow, allowing site owners to visualize their visitors’ journey through their site and where they dropped off – a gold mine of data for marketers trying to convert visitors into customers. Unfortunately for app developers, the flow ended before arriving in the app. Not anymore. Google Analytics becomes […]