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Leveraging Apps To Increase Customer Lifetime Value – New Ebook

Tapstream recently played a small part in helping our friends at Mobify put together a new ebook called “Leveraging Apps To Increase Customer Lifetime Value”. It turned out to be a great resource full of actionable tips and advice. We encourage you to check it out here: http://resources.mobify.com/leveraging-apps-to-increase-cltv.html Inside you’ll learn about the factors affecting customer […]

Deferred Deep Links bring Intent-based User Acquisition to Mobile

Update: We have just released the second generation of our Deferred Deep Linking technology – called Onboarding Links. Mobile marketers can now do more to engage and retain new users than ever before. Read more about the industry’s most powerful deferred deep linking platform. Mobile advertising today has a big blind spot when it comes […]

The Art of Soft Launching

Soft launch: opening up a product or service to a small group or audience before releasing the product officially. Soft launching an app can help gather important data on how potential customers will interact with your app and how you could improve upon it before release. It ensures you enter the biggest markets with an […]

Tapstream’s SDK levels up

We just released new builds for Tapstream’s latest SDK. The new SDK is a (nearly) drop-in replacement for the previous version, and includes some sweet affordances for tracking sessions, purchases, and custom data. Don’t get left behind – make sure this SDK makes it in to your next build so you can take advantage of […]

How Veam Studios Increased In-App Purchases by 260%

Veam Studios had a problem. New users were flowing into their app, but it was unclear which marketing channels delivered them. They fixed it with Tapstream’s help. See how Veam Studios improved both their download numbers and revenue. The following is a guest post from Ben Magnus, Business Development Lead at Veam Studios, detailing how […]