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Deferred Deep Links – A Complete Walkthrough

This post will take you through a complete implementation example to help you get Onboarding Links (deferred deep links) working in your own app. Deferred deep links are a powerful way to pass data through an app install, enabling customized onboarding for your brand new users. To learn more about deferred deep links, have a […]

Get Noticed with Universal Smart App Banners

Or, “How to roll your own free, universal smart app banner with Tapstream” The introduction of the Mobile Safari Smart App Banner in iOS 6 solved a common problem – how to nicely prompt your website visitors to download your app – but left many things unresolved. Three big questions remain: How can you offer […]

Why Has Google Broken Deeplinking on Android?

As close observers of mobile platforms have noticed, the latest Chrome build has seriously degraded the functionality of deeplinks on Android. The Intent URLs  can no longer be triggered from on-page JavaScript, causing all sorts of problems for app marketers. The impact to Android users is significant: Apps that utilize deeplinks will not launch Apps […]

The Duck Test

When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck. –James Whitcomb Riley We all know games drive the majority of revenue on the app store. At this point it’s been well documented. But most people don’t know which […]

Looking for Mario

Apps are bigger than hollywood.  Perhaps not an entirely fair comparison, as apps are broader than entertainment- they are social, utility and everything else under the sun, but with millions of apps in the stores, they cover a lot of ground. Despite the size and variety of the app store offering the majority of app […]