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Deeplinks: The End of the Road for the Mobile Web

We’ve all seen the stats about the amount of time spent online, on desktop versus mobile. And then drilling down into mobile we’ve seen the stats about time spent in browser versus all other apps. Without being too dramatic, it would seem the end is nigh for the mobile web. On mobile, the web has run out of places […]

Stop stealing your user’s time

My favourite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.-Steve Jobs In today’s era of smart watches, the uberfication of everything and a nearly limitless array of productivity apps, it’s clear that as Steve said, our most precious resource is our time. For […]

Get Noticed with Universal Smart App Banners

Or, “How to roll your own free, universal smart app banner with Tapstream” The introduction of the Mobile Safari Smart App Banner in iOS 6 solved a common problem – how to nicely prompt your website visitors to download your app – but left many things unresolved. Three big questions remain: How can you offer […]

Why Has Google Broken Deeplinking on Android?

As close observers of mobile platforms have noticed, the latest Chrome build has seriously degraded the functionality of deeplinks on Android. The Intent URLs  can no longer be triggered from on-page JavaScript, causing all sorts of problems for app marketers. The impact to Android users is significant: Apps that utilize deeplinks will not launch Apps […]

Using Deferred Deep Links to Drive M-Commmerce Sales

While everyone else is talking about how big mobile commerce is going to be in 2015, we’re hard at work building tools that help mobile commerce apps not only provide a superb consumer experience, but also increase mcommerce revenues from ad campaigns and promos. Mobile Commerce Advertising for Native Applications – A Unique Challenge Advertising […]