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The Five things mobile app marketers need to know about Google IO

Last week, Google held its annual I/O conference where it announced big moves in virtual reality and textile computing along with major improvements to its mobile ad tech ecosystem, and so much more. As app marketers working in a hyper competitive space, always trying to drive down the cost of user acquisition while simultaneously finding […]

Whaling on the mobile web

“It is not down on any map; true places never are.” ― Herman Melville, Moby-Dick Herman Melville’s story “Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life” sold 16,320 copies in his lifetime. “Moby-Dick,” 3,715. Everyday creative brilliance goes unnoticed. Artists go through their lives unfulfilled. Audiences go unsatisfied because most creators don’t know how to find them. […]

Fishing for users on the web

As much as creating a beautifully engaging app or game matters, designing a cost effective discoverability and customer acquisition strategy almost matter more. It doesn’t matter how nice your freezer is is you have no fish to stock it with. A recent VentureBeat article highlights that cost-per-install is “developers’ least-favorite user-acquisition method is often the […]

KISSmetrics Webinar: Making Sense of The Messy State of Mobile App Marketing

This Thursday our VP of Marketing Mack Flavelle will join KISSmetrics for a webinar titled Making Sense of The Messy State of Mobile App Marketing. The #KISSwebinar series is highly regarded in the analytics and growth communities so were honoured to be their guests. You can read more details below and sign up on KISSmetrics page. It used to be making apps […]

Tapstream Gets a Facelift

Today we’re pushing out the new Tapstream experience. We’ve completely overhauled our dashboard user experience with a single focus: to help you make more money from your apps. Every table and graph has been redesigned with that goal in mind. You will now see cohort information throughout our interface and totals for LTV (Lifetime Value) […]

The Art of Soft Launching

Soft launch: opening up a product or service to a small group or audience before releasing the product officially. Soft launching an app can help gather important data on how potential customers will interact with your app and how you could improve upon it before release. It ensures you enter the biggest markets with an […]