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Tapstream saves time

My favourite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.
-Steve Jobs

In today’s era of smart watches, the uberfication of everything and a nearly limitless array of productivity apps, it’s clear that as Steve said, our most precious resource is our time. For all the time saving our mobile devices do, there are some fundamental inefficiencies in the app store architectures. Until the rise of deep links, apps had no easy way to connect directly to each other, let alone share information. Deep links, and their super powered cousin deferred deep links, save your users time because they are both direct and contextual.

Direct means that you don’t have to return to the home screen when jumping from one app to the next. Imagine on a desktop having to minimize your browser and open a new browser window every single time you wanted to visit a new web page. That is essentially the current interapp experience. There’s no direct link between apps. Until deep links, which are exactly that- a direct bridge from one app to a specific destination inside another app.

Contextual means the deeplinks carry context. The link is “smart” enough, through the use of passing custom parameters, to understand the context of where it’s coming from and where it’s going. That context can include specific information about the person who clicked on the link, the content that drove the click or graph information from the platform where the link was clicked.

Onboarind Links

A great example of context enriched deeplinks saving end users real time is mobile registration or login forms. Registration and login forms are a persistent frustration for mobile users, as the entire paradigm comes from the large screen/keyboard era and hasn’t elegantly evolved for the mobile experience.

Have a look at the video below. It shows how a Tapstream Onboarding Link is used to not only deeplink a new user into the Seeking Alpha app (preserving context) but also to auto-authenticate the user, saving them from having to enter login credentials over again. By removing the need to fill out yet another authentication form, Seeking Alpha allows its users to focus on the content they want to read – the article that drove their initial interest!  Instead of getting lost in the search and discovery flows of the app navigation the user was able to immediately validate the value of the app.

There are countless ways to use Tapstream’s Onboarding Links, including:

  • Auto-authentication, pre-fill registration forms
  • In app landing pages for custom offers 
  • Customized referrals, invites, and rewards
  • Personalized greeting

The deeplinking space is fragmented with several players each offering their own solution that solves one piece of a much larger puzzle. If you’re just getting started, it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing. We’ve been hard at work building out the most robust, holistic, and powerful deeplink platform available. 

Tapstream’s deeplinking suite stands above all others for several reasons:

We’re the the first provider to marry regular deeplinks with deferred deeplinks into a solution capable of scaling millions of deeplinks and destinations with ease. We’ve reduced a complicated concept into an easy to use product that requires minimal resources to setup. Combined with our processing capabilities and global scale, Tapstream has become the most trusted name in deeplinking. 

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