Product Debaters 3

Misha at Product Debaters 2

The BRILLIANT Misha crushing Product Debaters 2.

Debate is a funny thing. It brings out the best in people. And the worst. But the sheer volume of information that gets spewed is impressive. In fact as far as the knowledge per minute ratio goes, debate is probably the best format around.

Which explains why we’re doing another Product Debater event. 

This is the seventh that we’ve organized, but there’s been at least two others we didn’t organize. They have taken place in four cities, thousands of people have attended and giants in the product space have battled it out on stage. 

This time debaters include Ross Fubini, Nir Eyal, Bo Ren and more. 500 Startups and Product Hunt have partnered with us. The beer is ordered, the debaters are nervous and tickets are flying off the shelf.

Product Debaters 3 will be at 500 Startups in San Francisco on May 13th. Grab your tickets and use the promocode BlogReader to get 50% off.

Or if you can’t make the event, follow along on social with the hashtag #productdebaters3.