Made for Apps: Shortener

imageBuilt for app publishers, is a universal shortener that not only redirects visitors to another URL, but also knows when that visitor eventually installs and activates your app, thanks to its Tapstream-magic working behind the scenes.

Each can monitor not just app activations, but any level of app engagement to provide rich Customer Lifetime Value numbers for users who come through specific channels. If you have an app try it right now: signing up is free.

App publishers can also use to track content shared from the app back to the web. This allows them to track how viral their shared social content is, and highlight the influencers on their platform that drive viral growth. uses Tapstream’s powerful marketing attribution engine to follow visitors between the web and apps, providing insight into drivers of growth, revenue and cost of customer acquisition. It works for mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) as well as desktop apps (Mac OS, Windows 8). Beyond the included platform support, the open-source SDK easily ports to many of the smaller platforms.

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