Is iOS 6 destroying app store discovery? That depends who you are…

With the release of iOS 6 many iPhone users are experiencing some changes. Beyond the fact the maps suck, we’ve also experienced some surprising results from the App Store. Let’s take a quick look…

As you may know, Paperlabs (our company before Tapstream) developed an iPhone app called Trending. It’s optimized on the App Store as “Stocks Trending - Stock Markets at a Glance,” and here’s why we named it that way. Anyways, back to the story.

With the intro of iOS 6 something unexpected happened:

Trending’s downloads went up, and I’d call that a fairly healthy bump, wouldn’t you? Here’s the kicker: we haven’t thrown a dime at marketing Trending for a while now - that was free.

So why did Trending get the sales bump? 

We’ll toss you the facts and you can decide for yourself.

The Facts:

Our current ratings:

Here’s what you see when you search for “Stocks” on iOS 5:

Here’s what you see when you search for “Stocks” on iOS 6:


We think the release of iOS 6 is what caused our numbers to increase - and we’d put some money on that.

The App Store seems to be ruining app discovery and giving an advantage to incumbents (those who already hold a top spot), by making browsing apps very difficult.

If you’ve been well positioned up until this point that’s great. If not, it may take a hefty marketing budget to propel yourself to the top spot going forward, unless some further changes occur, but we’ll save that speculating for another day.

What has your app’s experience been with the switch to iOS 6?

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