Plane Finder – Follow The Sky With Live Flight Radar

Feature Friday is a weekly spotlight showing off some of the cool apps our customers are putting out.

Have you ever wondered what planes are flying over head right now, where they’re going, or where exactly your family is en route to their destination? Yup, there’s an app for that.

Plane Finder is your radar in the sky. If you’ve ever checked out the route map on an in-flight TV screen and watched your progress as you fly to your destination, that’s what Plane Finder does, but for every plane in the air, for almost the entire world. Plane finder’s real-time global coverage spans most regions including Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Russia and more. It’s really cool to see it in action. Click the image below to see the live display:

Similar to the web view, the app experience also offers instant real-time results and some cool features like notifications when a plane passes a certain point (great for knowing when to leave on your family pick-up mission), custom display options, and bookmarks for your favorite areas.

Beyond the radar maps, you can also view all sorts of specs on individual planes along with photos. You can even join in, add your own photos, and share anything you want direct to Facebook, Twitter or email.

Plane Finder is available on the App Store, Google Play Store and for Windows Phone. And if planes aren’t your thing you can also check out their Ship Finder app, taking your search from the sky to the seven seas.

  • Tariq Bekkavi

    I like Plane Finder. Even more than Flightradar24. I started using it on a PC. But it was difficult for me to understand how to use it. It was easier to understand how to use Plane Finder on your phone. I do not have an Aplle. But I learned how to use it here: https://flightradars24.de/plane-finder/
    But it will be more convenient on the PC.