watchOS and Tapstream

Today is WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference), the annual mecca of the the Apple ecosystem to see what new plans Apple has in place for the next year. One of the big announcements was a new Apple watchOS. This makes a ton of sense- it’s pretty easy to argue that the watch was never designed […]

The Five things mobile app marketers need to know about Google IO

Last week, Google held its annual I/O conference where it announced big moves in virtual reality and textile computing along with major improvements to its mobile ad tech ecosystem, and so much more. As app marketers working in a hyper competitive space, always trying to drive down the cost of user acquisition while simultaneously finding […]

Four things Mobile App Marketers should take away from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Presentation.

Every year (since 2001) Mary Meeker over at Kleiner puts out an Internet Trends report. It’s always of incredibly high quality and well read by the start-up set. The report tends to effectively distill the abstract trends most marketers are aware of but couldn’t explain so elegantly. And considering it’s a whopping 197 slides there is always […]

Deeplinks: The End of the Road for the Mobile Web

We’ve all seen the stats about the amount of time spent online, on desktop versus mobile. And then drilling down into mobile we’ve seen the stats about time spent in browser versus all other apps. Without being too dramatic, it would seem the end is nigh for the mobile web. On mobile, the web has run out of places […]

The end of the lonely gamer

Deep links are everything to everybody in mobile these days. Except games. There is little doubt among anybody who has been paying attention that the future of the mobile ecosystem involves a more deeply intwined app-to-app experience. Whether that’s through Facebook’s App Links, the plethora of deep linking startups or Apple’s own Extensions the value […]

How to Use Community to Grow Your App

There’s always lots discussion around user acquisition, optimizing cost of customer acquisition and finding new channels to leverage for growth. An alternative method to sustainable growth is to leverage what might be your most valuable assets as a business- your exisiting community. We reached out to a handful of bright minds in the space and […]

Product Debaters 3

The BRILLIANT Misha crushing Product Debaters 2. Debate is a funny thing. It brings out the best in people. And the worst. But the sheer volume of information that gets spewed is impressive. In fact as far as the knowledge per minute ratio goes, debate is probably the best format around. Which explains why we’re […]

Tapstream, Now With iTunes Connect Analytics

With Apple’s beta release of iTunes Connect Analytics late last week, Tapstream is proud to announce its integration with Apple’s new analytics product. As the first provider to support integration with iTunes Connect, Tapstream recognizes Connect’s growing importance as a source of marketing data for apps. Apple’s new analytics product offers a host of basic […]