OneSec – The Instagram Of 1 Second Videos (Make It Happen)

Feature Friday is a weekly spotlight showing off some of the cool apps our customers are putting out (or in this case, plan to put out).

With Instagram passing the 80 million user-mark, and Facebook picking it up for 1 billion dollars, It’s apparent that people want to share their experiences – their lives – through imagery. 

But what about the essence that can’t be entirely captured by a photo: sound, movement, emotion? OneSec is the iPhone app plotting to capture just that, with one second videos – a rather interesting design constraint.

Check out a few seconds of this clip to see the power of one second videos:

The idea behind OneSec is that making and sharing videos should be just as easy and fun as pictures. You can capture a series of one second videos and then use the app to combine the shots into an awesome video.

I don’t know about you, but all I can picture after watching that video is a platform for some of the funniest and most interestingly designed montages on the planet. 

Is Crowdfunding A Viable Way To Finance An iPhone app?

Let’s find out. This week we wanted to help the wicked duo behind OneSec, Francis and Vidar, as they launch their Indiegogo campaign to make OneSec a reality. With the goal of $12,345 by Aug 29th, now’s your chance to help make OneSec the next instagram.

Cool Perk For Startups: $500 Pitch Video

Beyond the smaller perk options, for a $500 pledge the amazing pitching machine Vidar will explain, hustle, flail and do just about anything else you could possibly want him to do – while being ridiculously good looking – to pitch, demo and sell your product. A perfect opportunity for developers to support fellow developers and get a great video made in the process. Vidar explains here:

If you’re excited about OneSec and would like to help these dudes make the app a reality, check out their Indiegogo page and show them the money, get some cool perks in return, and share the campaign with some friends who would love it.

A big thanks to all who pledge their support!

If you’d like to hear more from the founders, follow Vidar and Francis on Twitter.