On Naming Apps

Before we launched Tapstream we were busy developing our own iOS apps. Our team has produced some amazing work over the past year, and we’ve won high praise from our users – each of our apps has over one hundred 5-star ratings.

But, ask any app developer out there and they’ll tell you that app discovery (having your app exposed to more users) is no easy feat. Getting featured by Apple is the obvious holy grail, but Apple only has so many feature spots available every week.

We realized that our destiny is in our own hands: we had to tweak our product page for maximumum discoverability. Part of that process was finding our most valuable keywords and making sure they were entered in the Keywords field.

Our users were generally searching for “stocks” within the App Store to find us or our competitors. We made sure to have “stocks” in our keywords, app description and later on even in the name of the app. (You might have noticed how app names are getting longer and longer – it’s mostly to capture the relevant keywords for their space.) So Tapfolio soon became “Tapfolio for Stocks”. A little on the ugly side but serviceable.

Sadly, our discoverability still suffered despite adding new features and getting better ratings. Finally, during our last update we decided to go all in with a new app name “Stocks with Tapfolio HD”. Lo and behold:

Now, as is often the case we made some other changes to the app for this release so we cannot conclusively say that the name change alone lead to this result. One thing is for certain: we now show up on the first page of results for “stocks”, which was not the case prior to this release.