New From Tapstream – App Install Campaign Landers!

Tapstream is excited to announce its newest product, App Install Campaign Landers, as part of the Tapstream app marketing cloud.

Tapstream’s Campaign landers make it easy for app marketers to design, build, deploy, and test in-app landing pages without touching the code. This industry first new product works for brand new installs, the very first time an app is opened on a device. App install landers are perfect for ensuring maximum engagement for all of your app promos. From mobile ad campaigns to social media marketing, install landers allow you maintain campaign context through install and tie in-app content to your app promotional content, providing your users with the best experience possible.

The biggest limitations in mobile app install advertising is the inability to tie ad creative to in-app content and advertise specific offers to targeted audiences. This is because context is lost once the user enters the app store. With Tapstream’s campaign landers, mobile advertisers can finally broaden their creative flexibility when designing new ad campaigns and more precisely target offers to market segments.

Studies show that 75% of new app users will open an app once after downloading it, then never return. You only have a few precious moments to engage new users. By maintaining context from your app install campaigns to the experience when a user first opens your app, you have a much greater chance of engaging your new customers and lowering your first day abandonment rates.

Wether you want to use Tapstream’s in dashboard lander builder, your own html, or simply provide a URL for your own custom landers, deploying in-app landing pages has never been this easy. You can create new in-app landers without using up valuable developer resources or IT. Simply build and launch your landers from the Tapstream dashboard for all of your different app promo campaigns.

With support for Mail Chimp, Tapstream’s campaign landers make it simple to capture user email addresses. Incentivize your new users from specific campaigns with special offers. Whether you’re giving away free shipping, an ebook, exclusive in-app content, or in game currency, campaign landers make it easy to capture new user email addresses while maximizing your new user engagement opportunities.

Getting new users for your app is expensive and you’ve no doubt spent a lot of time and resources creating new campaigns to attract high quality users. Tapstream’s campaign landers provide an excellent way to ensure you keep your new users around for the long term.

Campaign landers are available today on our Marketing Pro plans. Sign up today!

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