More Of Tapstream To Love


Today we’re expanding the reach of our platform further than ever.

For the first time your campaign data will automatically sync with the freshly released iTunes Connect App Analytics, just in time for iOS 8 release. This is an industry first, and will make both your Tapstream dashboard and the new iTC App Analytics a lot more useful.

We are also working with several ad networks specializing in native ads to provide accurate attribution and performance tracking for this growing ad trend. One of the early partners is Appsfire: “We’re really excited that native ads are taking off,” says CEO Ouriel Ohayon. “Having attribution providers like Tapstream provide direct performance measurements gives our advertisers the data they need to see the value in these new ads.”

Unlike regular mobile ads, native mobile ads trigger app install without leaving the confines of the host app, making tracking URLs irrelevant. This is where Tapstream’s server-side clicks come into play, giving you the same data you get from a non-native ad campaign.

These features are already live in your account – and if you don’t have one, it’s high time to get started for free.