Mobile App Growth Tool For Websites


Tapstream is the only mobile analytics company that tracks mobile web visitors as they move into the app. With our tracking, mobile developers can see how many of their mobile web visitors end up installing and engaging with the app.

Today, Tapstream’s website tracking is getting a substantial upgrade. Now, our customers can see not only the number of visitors per each tracked web page, but also the number of clicks to the app store from those visits.

This gives mobile marketers a full-funnel view of how their website drives app installs and revenue:

  1. Number of website visits
  2. Number of download clicks
  3. Number of app installs
  4. Total revenue from each web page

Combined with our Onboarding Links that personalize what users see when they first start the app, Tapstream customers can now get more users from their website, and substantially reduce churn of those new users.

Tapstream’s Website Install Tracking is absolutely free, sign up today.