How to measure your app’s Facebook ROI with Tapstream


After passing a billion active users in Oct 2012, it’s safe to say the world is on Facebook.

Facebook users represent virtually every country and area of interest on the planet, and maintain the ability to share what they enjoy with any number of their social connections – a truly unparalleled opportunity for app publishers to connect with a community of people who have a certain need or desire.

The problem for app publishers on Facebook

Of course, the tricky part for any app publisher is building a bond with that community of users in the first place. Thanks to AllFacebook, Social Media Examiner and hardcore specialists like Mari Smith, there are plenty of Facebook tips out there for businesses. Facebook even recently launched a Facebook page all about marketing on Facebook – probably about time!

The specific challenge for app makers, however, is measuring what exactly makes users move from their Facebook page into their app.

You’ve probably wondered…

  • Is the time we spend on Facebook increasing user sign-ups significantly?
  • What sorts of status updates and content tends to drive app downloads?
  • Are users that originate from Facebook of high quality?
  • How many social referrals are we getting?
  • Do Facebook ads work for us?

And the list goes on….

It’s crazy hard to know your Facebook ROI when all you can measure is how many people like your page, what they click on and how many of them are talking about you.

Are your Facebook activities driving more people into your app?

Tapstream fills this web-to-app gap, allowing you to analyze the performance of Facebook as a marketing channel for your app.

Step by Step: How to Measure your app’s ROI on Facebook

By using Tapstream shortlinks throughout your Facebook page and in your status updates you can see how many users the social network is driving to your app and what activities those users are carrying out once they’re inside your app.

How does Tapstream work? The shortlink fingerprints the user and acts as the entry point. Once the user installs your app the SDK fires off a signal to Tapstream, connecting that user to their entry point – the shortlink. You can label shortlinks in your dashboard for quick reference and organization.

Let’s get started:

Step 1 – Create a new shortlink

Let’s pretend your app is on sale and you want to let people know that it’s free until February 1.

Log in to your dashboard, head to the “Shortlinks” area and click the “Add shortlink” button



1. Choose a friendly descriptive name for your shortlink for easy reference in your dashboard. In this case, “February facebook promotion.”

2. Pro and Corporate accounts can customize their shortlink name, however, Indie users will be assigned a unique name by default. If you enter a URL name that is already taken, you will be asked to choose a new one.

3. Choose the destination of your shortlink in the “Redirect destinations” section. Hint: send traffic to a landing page or your App Store page.

Step 2 – Place the shortlink on your Facebook page

Where you place your shortlinks is completely up to you and your marketing genius.  Use them inside your status updates, page description, About page, or even in photo captions – wherever you want to track inbound traffic from.


Step 3 – View results in your Tapstream dashboard


Assuming that you’re goal is app activations, the results from your February facebook promotion tell you that 71 people clicked the link in your status update, and 1 of them continued on to activate your app – a 1.41% conversion rate.

Time to find out what works

Understanding what your app audience is looking for and how they respond to your various social media efforts is an ongoing process. Iris Shoor, founder of Takipi wrote a great post on 15 Tricks Learned Getting My App’s Facebook Page From 0 to 100k Fans. It’s some of the best advice we’ve seen out there, so definitely take a read.

As you build your Facebook community, keep in mind that lots of mini improvements will add up to make a big difference over time. Tapstream will be your guide along the way, helping you make sense of your Facebook marketing.