How to Use Deferred Deep Links with New User Registration and App On-boarding


Last week we announced our new Deferred Deep Linking solution opening up a wide variety of new opportunities for app publishers to practice intent-based user acquisition. As Sarah Perez from TechCrunch wrote:

“Deferred Deep Links, […] will effectively create landing pages inside mobile apps, which advertisers can wait to redirect users to until after the app is installed.”

If we think about this for a few moments, we’ll realize there is a lot of power here for app publishers to target specific demographics or market segments with customized campaigns that lead to custom first run modifications. For example:

If you have an e-commerce app, it means you can show an ad for a red shoe, have the user install the app, and show them that same shoe the first time they open the app.

If you’re advertising an event-booking app, your ad will lead to the exact event the user was looking for once they run the app.

If you’re advertising a specific bonus for your game, users who come to your app from those ads will get offered the correct bonus when the app is opened for the first time.

One of the questions that came up was: what happens when I have a user registration or app on-boarding for all new users? Will Deferred Deep Linking still work? The answer is YES!

After a new user has installed your app, our back-end passes any navigation links (deferred deep links) to the app on launch and then the app can hold onto it while it does whatever on-boarding is required. From a technical / feature point of view, deferred deep links easily work across any new user registration or app on-boarding process; however, as an app publisher the issue you’d likely want to consider is one of user experience.

Let’s go back to the red shoe example. If I tap on an ad for red shoes then download / run the app for the first time and I’m presented with a new user registration form, my natural expectation at this point is that the destination is already lost. Because Deferred Deep Linking is new, app users by-and-large have become accustomed to a sub-optimal user experience. In order to combat existing expectations and make the registration process smoother for new users originating from deep links, a good practice would be to include images or copy somewhere on the registration view letting new users know they will automatically be directed to their intended destination upon successful registration.

Deferred Deep Links open up a whole new set of options for user acquisition and they will work whether you have an app on-boarding process or not. Because DDL allows you to tie your marketing creative to custom first run modifications, the challenge becomes ensuring a positive user experience and a smooth transition between the mobile web and your application. For apps without on-boarding, DDL will immediately add value to your app and for apps with on-boarding, a few tweaks to your process and you’ll easily delight all new users.