Getting Users by Becoming More Social


Getting found is your biggest challenge. Getting your app found without breaking the user acquisition bank is still a huge quandary. Buying users from ad networks is getting more and more expensive. According to SuperData research “in the past two years, the cost per install on mobile increased from $1.30 in January, 2012, to $4.36 in December, an increase of 288%! That’s crazy. More importantly, the average revenue per mobile gamer has failed to keep pace: in that same period monthly spending grew 38%.”

There’s no point in despairing. Keep developing. It’s all about seeing your marketing efforts in a social light. The tools are here. It’s time create your own user acquisition channel by leveraging social dynamics, and getting your users or players to spread the word.

The key to effectively using social dynamics is being creative, and of course sociable. It’s all about creating engaging and shareable content. You need to see content in all of it’s forms from videos, photos, social media updates to blog posts. Your content needs to be entertaining and informative. Always be upfront and transparent that the content is coming to you and your app. People are really down on phonies and fakers. If good reviews are an elixir, the bad reviews are poison.

You’ll want to be embedding YouTube videos on the app website. Create an editorial calendar that lays out your sharing via your social media channels, everything from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or FourSquare. Wherever your audience is, you need to be there. Of course make sure everything links back to your app download page.

This effort isn’t about accumulating vanity metrics, this about building an audience that’s going to take action. It’s about spreading the word. Your fans aren’t charging you for new installs.


Your app has a personality. You need to define it. Is it humorous, dark, or serious? Consider Candy Crush versus Temple Run II for instance. One is whimsical, and (pardon the pun) sweet, which means you’ll be using that kind of voice. You’ll be sharing Willy Wonka like visuals, and serving up a completely different sense of adventure. Whereas Temple Run II is all about the heart stopping, fast paced adventure. You’re going all Indiana Jones with your personality here.

While games align nicely with the right variety of cultural genres, a business productivity app require a different approach to creativity. Your persona will be more authoritative. People will care if you’re making their lives easier. Imagine James Earl Jones saying he’s removing friction from your email overload, missed tasks, or forgotten appointments. Words, sights, and sounds are all part telling your story. Use the right voice, and be consistent. 

The sociable part is about having conversations. Create relationships with your audience. If someone takes their time to comment on an update, photo or video, show them you’re listening. It’s simple to say thanks. Share your fans comments, content and enthusiasm on Facebook. Retweet and mention them – get a conversation going. Have contests, have give-aways, find ways to recognize your fans. Pay attention. Show you care, and they’ll care. Most importantly, remember that in order to get value, you’ve got to give value.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel in terms of a social media integration campaign. Here’s three outstanding examples of doing it right. One example highlights Words with Friends. It went from a popular mobile game, to going through the roof when it was introduced as a Facebook application. They found a market beyond mobile, and users could seamlessly transition from the computer to phone without missing a move. Adding shareable screenshots of their vocabulary savvy posted on their profile wall, has helped drive millions of mobile downloads. They have a following of 11 million Facebook app users too.

Remember it takes time, it takes effort, it takes creativity, and it takes being genuine. Most importantly, have a plan! Know your audience. Know where they are. Know what they like. And of course, don’t forget that Tapstream enables apps to track the results of their social campaigns for free.