#FiveMinuteMobile: Alec Morgana

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Alec Morgana and I’m the founder and CEO of Alectric Studios Inc. I started building my own apps and games at the age of 15 and had over half a million downloads by the time I finished high school. I incorporated when I became old enough to do so and just recently finished my two year business management diploma at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

What’s the most exciting app you’ve downloaded in the last month? Why?

Lately I’ve been pretty hooked playing 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip. I find the user experience and physics of the game incredibly realistic. It’s both frustrating and extremely addicting to play as you watch your coin balance rise and fall when taking bigger risks. The ability to taunt your opponent during gameplay with hilarious chat packs also adds to the entertainment.

What will be different about the common mobile experience in 3 years?

I believe that mobile phones will only continue to get thinner, lighter and faster. They’ll also continue to get smarter, Siri and Google Now are already pretty incredible. Additionally, our phones will continue to connect to more things. I recently did a project with a startup connecting our phones to our cars. You’ll soon have your house, car and family members all in your pocket, just a tap away.

What’s the most common misconception about the mobile ecosystem?

Lots of people that I speak with feel like releasing an app these days is a coin toss. Sure there is some luck involved in all business, but the opportunities in app marketing are huge. I regularly compare the App Store to the internet in its early days. Anyone could make a buck when there were few websites. As the internet quickly grew so did internet marketing. I believe app store marketing is following the same pattern, and much like internet marketing, those who can master it will find tremendous success.

Suddenly your out of a job. Somebody offers you one million dollars to go build whatever mobile business you want. What is it?

I believe it’s only a matter of time before our phones fully replace even our wallets. They’ve already replaced so much in our lives. I’d like to be able to buy anything without having to worry about carrying around a set of cards or visiting a bank machine for cash. There are already countless mobile payment startups trying to do exactly this. Being a part of that would be pretty cool. 

What does your home screen look like?