Extending Google Analytics Into Your iOS/Android App

In Oct 2011, Google Analytics launched Visitors Flow, allowing site owners to visualize their visitors’ journey through their site and where they dropped off – a gold mine of data for marketers trying to convert visitors into customers. Unfortunately for app developers, the flow ended before arriving in the app. Not anymore.

Google Analytics becomes a lot more powerful with Tapstream’s latest update, bringing app events like First Run, Sign up or In App Purchase right into your Google Analytics dashboard.

Google Analytics Visitors Flow: Right Into Your App.

Visitors Flow is the easiest way to visualize how your web visitors find their way to your app. It’s found under the “Audience” tab in your Google Analytics dashboard. Visitors Flow offers an intuitive graphical representation of how visitors travel through your site, by country, referring website or any other dimension.

For the first time, you can view visitors movement from their point of origin, through your website’s landing pages and into your app, seeing where visitors drop off and what percentage make it through to your app and activate. This helps you answer very important questions like “Which of my landing pages convert the most visitors into customers?”, “Which referring sites are best at driving activations?”, and “What’s the ROI on that marketing campaign?”

Before: A user hits your app’s landing page and you get something like this: 

Did they download the app or just left your website? Did they use your site after downloading the app? If they downloaded the app, from which page did they download?

Now: A user hits your app’s landing page, and you can see their app activity flowing to and from their website activity. Behold: 

Tapstream infused Google Analytics

You can now make some informed decisions and focus your attention on building traffic from sites and to landers that are best at converting web visitors into app users.

And don’t stop there: you can also create custom links direct to your App Store listing and tweet, email and share them and their performance will also be shown in your GA account.

That’s Not All

Visitors Flow is the best place to start, but for advanced Google Analytics users, the sky is the limit. Every JavaScript hit and SDK event from your Tapstream account is registered and properly associated with your Google Analytics data for complete integration, meaning that tools like Goals and Funnels are now extended through to your app for advanced analytics. You’ll also notice that any Tracker URL you create will be visible inside your Google Analytics dashboard.

Google Analytics integration is now available on all Pro and Corporate accounts. Take a look at the Google Analytics integration documentation to get started.