Discover Where Your App Users Are Coming From, In 5 Minutes

As an app developer or marketer – or like many of you, both – there’s nothing more useful than knowing what you should be hurling your effort at.

For product development, you can test new features, designs, or gain direct feedback from users, but when it comes to marketing your app, you’re probably banging your head on the wall wishing you had more user data. How many people from Facebook actually install the app? Has your blog driven any new app users this month? Well, we can help answer those questions and many more.

With Tapstream’s recent JavaScript integration you gain quick and easy access to at least 80% of the referral data you’ll ever need for your app users – a little bit of ice for that bump on your head.

2 Minutes: Generate and drop in your JavaScript

  • Generate your JavaScript snippet by visiting this page after logging in
  • Drop the JavaScript snippet between your site’s <head></head> tags

Now let’s go a little further and add conversion rates to that data. You want to know which visitors turn into customers, after all.

3 Minutes: Drop a light SDK into your App

  • Choose between a iOS, Android or Mac SDK
  • Drop it like it’s hot – into your app

Activating the SDK is what closes the loop with the JavaScript and adds conversion rates to your referral data, showing you which marketing channels – like Twitter, Facebook, or ad campaigns – are bringing in the most App Store installs. Tapstream will now show you, as your site visitors activate your app, and where they came from.


Unless you’re a savvy marketer who uses specific campaign tracker URLs, you now have access to 100% of the referral data you’ll probably ever need for your users. If you’re an advanced marketer, make that 80% (we’ll show you how to use Tapstream to get that remaining 20% in another post. Hint, it’s down to using our redirecting tracker URLs).

We have worked hard to make sure Tapstream doesn’t impede your visitors and users in any way. Our JavaScript loads quickly and is engineered to not block your page loads in any circumstance, through clever use of asynchronous operation. Our SDK tops out at 160KB, and works asynchronously as to not introduce even a hint of delay to your app.

There you have it. In just 5 minutes you can take a giant step closer to building a solid funnel of users into your app. Because in the end, it really doesn’t matter how great your product is if there are no users there to enjoy it!