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Acquiring & Engaging Mobile Users – The Guidebook

AdExchanger has just posted our PDF guidebook on acquiring and engaging mobile users. Inside you’ll find an overview of marketing challenges different mobile apps face, and how the best ways to build a thriving user community, from user acquisition and onboarding to deep linking and re-engagement. Link: Growing Your Mobile App

Latin America and Mobile Apps: Part One- State of the Union

Belligerence, pestilence and greed may have worked for Spanish conquistadors 16th century conquest of the Americas but for mobile app developers, it’s not the strategy to adopt when tapping into the rich potential of today’s Latin American market.  If you’re looking at markets beyond North America, Europe, and Asia (check out Part I and Part II look at the […]

How Chartcube is using Tapstream prelaunch

Chartcube is an exciting new business app that just launched in the AppStore for iPad and promises its users “a whole new way see and share data”. We spoke with Jack Mardack, Chartcube’s Head of Growth, about their use of Tapstream from an early stage in the app’s development. How did you discover Tapstream? Back […]

Product Debaters Recap

This month we partnered with our friends at Product Hunt for the latest iteration of our Mobile Debaters event- for the first time it evolved into Product Hunt. We were thrilled to have debaters from Tradecraft, a16z, Greylock, Facebook and more join us at the Pivotal space. The official recap can be seen over on […]

Tracking app downloads on AdWords

Even though AdWords remains one of the most important channels for app marketers, populating the AdWords dashboard with performance data for your campaigns is challenging. From an app marketer’s perspective, AdWords traffic can be divided in to two types: traffic that promotes your app from within other apps (i.e., the AdMob network), and traffic that […]

Whaling on the mobile web

“It is not down on any map; true places never are.” ― Herman Melville, Moby-Dick Herman Melville’s story “Typee: A Peep at Polynesian Life” sold 16,320 copies in his lifetime. “Moby-Dick,” 3,715. Everyday creative brilliance goes unnoticed. Artists go through their lives unfulfilled. Audiences go unsatisfied because most creators don’t know how to find them. […]

Mobile Retention Benchmarks 2013 – 2014

[Our VP of Marketing, Mack Flavelle worked with our team to put together this report on user retention trends over the last year. Last week it was published on Andrew Chen’s blog. Today we thought we’d repost here.] As most app developers know, retaining new users is hard and some would say it gets harder […]

More Of Tapstream To Love

Today we’re expanding the reach of our platform further than ever. For the first time your campaign data will automatically sync with the freshly released iTunes Connect App Analytics, just in time for iOS 8 release. This is an industry first, and will make both your Tapstream dashboard and the new iTC App Analytics a […]