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Why Has Google Broken Deeplinking on Android?

As close observers of mobile platforms have noticed, the latest Chrome build has seriously degraded the functionality of deeplinks on Android. The Intent URLs  can no longer be triggered from on-page JavaScript, causing all sorts of problems for app marketers. The impact to Android users is significant: Apps that utilize deeplinks will not launch Apps […]

The Duck Test

When I see a bird that walks like a duck and swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck. –James Whitcomb Riley We all know games drive the majority of revenue on the app store. At this point it’s been well documented. But most people don’t know which […]

Mobile Analytics That Pays You

Starting today, Tapstream will earn you money just for using it. We are launching a new feature that integrates Apple Affiliate Program with Tapstream. It’s simple and transparent: You need an Apple Affiliate ID to get started This ID will automatically be added to every Tapstream Taps.io link for any of your apps Your users […]

Live View Into Your Data

One of Tapstream’s core strengths is our ability to process our firehose of data in real-time. But this can make troubleshooting tricky – with so much data, it’s tough to pick out and analyze a particular session or data point during your integration or deployment phase. That’s why we launched a complete overhaul of our […]

Looking for Mario

Apps are bigger than hollywood.  Perhaps not an entirely fair comparison, as apps are broader than entertainment- they are social, utility and everything else under the sun, but with millions of apps in the stores, they cover a lot of ground. Despite the size and variety of the app store offering the majority of app […]

Acompli: From Zero to $200M in Just Over a Year

Last month the breakout mobile email client Acompli was acquired by Microsoft for $200M. Undoubtedly, their success is partially related to the app’s popularity: in just over a year the app has gained tremendous traction with users. So how did Acompli plan and execute their growth? One of the tools they turned to was Tapstream. […]

Using Deferred Deep Links to Drive M-Commmerce Sales

While everyone else is talking about how big mobile commerce is going to be in 2015, we’re hard at work building tools that help mobile commerce apps not only provide a superb consumer experience, but also increase mcommerce revenues from ad campaigns and promos. Mobile Commerce Advertising for Native Applications – A Unique Challenge Advertising […]

Product Debaters 2

Last year we did Product Debaters with our friends at Product Hunt. The results were extraordinary: A standing ovation for Ryan and the Product Hunt team- we learned Ryan’s not comfortable in the spotlight. Brilliant free styles and beatboxing by Erik Torenberg and David Spinks A last minute debater no show bringing Misha into the fold- who […]