Acompli: From Zero to $200M in Just Over a Year


Last month the breakout mobile email client Acompli was acquired by Microsoft for $200M. Undoubtedly, their success is partially related to the app’s popularity: in just over a year the app has gained tremendous traction with users.

So how did Acompli plan and execute their growth? One of the tools they turned to was Tapstream. “We were fans of Tapstream – it was easy to integrate and had great developer support, which meant we were up and running very quickly” says Kevin Henrikson, CoFounder & VP of engineering at Acompli and now Principal Group Engineering Manager at Microsoft.

Acompli used a number of strategies to acquire users, including traditional content and social marketing. It was important to understand which marketing efforts were worth spending time and money on. “Tapstream has a simple event model that let us track in-app events of interest and even ROI across multiple marketing campaigns” Henkrikson said.

One of the power tools utilized by Acompli is a lightning fast link shortener and redirector that measured clicks, app installs and other in-app events. It enabled Acompli to use a single marketing link for all mobile platforms, automatically redirecting them to the correct app store. “Tapstream has the best solution for mobile user agent detection and redirection of HTTP links” according to Henrikson. All of this collected data is available to the marketing team in real-time inside Tapstream’s dashboard.

Tapstream also enables mobile publishers to push Deferred Deep Links to the app, before the app is ever on the device, with Onboarding Links.

This toolset requires near perfect uptime to ensure no impact on Acompli’s would be users. “We never had down time or loss of event data” Henrikson said, which is par for the course for Tapstream’s massive marketing platform.